Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

"Every student deserves to feel cherished, celebrated, challenged, and supported in the classroom."
- Rachel Godsil, Perception Institute

Welcome to Spreckels Elementary DEI

We are a diverse group of parents and caregivers with students at Spreckels who feel passionately about celebrating the diversity of our school and doing the work to support an equitable and inclusive school community where every single student can feel safe, seen, and loved. Many of us have students that represent typically marginalized identities, and all of us are committed to being active allies for people from marginalized identities.

This website is a hub to keep track of and share resources and events with the greater Spreckels community of parents, teachers, and staff!  Questions or want to get involved?  Email spreckelsdei@gmail.com or use this form to sign up.

We promote sharing stories celebrating diverse identities and experiences in the classrooms

You might see us at a school event with some examples of the inclusive storybooks we love. Come say hi!

"I think schools are the only brave space where kids can ask hard questions and process their understanding—where we see their curiosity as a 'teachable moment' or a learning opportunity."
- Liz Kleinrock, educator

About Spreckels DEI

Diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI, refers to the promotion and encouragement of representation and participation of people of different gender identities, racial identities, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and economic classes.

In 2021, a few Spreckels parents got together after realizing the need and benefit of having a group of parents and caregivers committed to working towards inclusion and equity on our campus. Raising children is hard. Raising them to be kind, curious, thoughtful, accountable, and respectful citizens of the world is hard. This group works together to support each other in navigating tough conversations, learning from one another, and celebrating the wealth of diversity and identities that make up the Spreckels Elementary community. We would love to have you join us.

“Differences do not create bias. Children learn prejudice from prejudice—not from learning about human diversity. It is how people respond to differences that teaches bias and fear.”
– Julie Olsen Edwards, educator